In your Advisor portal, all NSE related features can be accessed from the Invest Online menu. Profile list is where you can 

  1. See all your IINs
  2. Create New IINs
  3. Create Mandates for IIN
  4. Proceed for Investing through an IIN

NSE maintains and communicates a clear distinction between Active and Non-Active IIN. Any IIN for which cancelled cheque and IIN Account Opening Form (AOF) has not been submitted can be found in the Incomplete IIN tab.

Use the action menu on the right of the table to submit Cancelled cheque of the primary bank account and upload signed IIN AOF. 

All previously created IINs on the NSE platform will be auto-fetched after you enter your NSE credentials in Settings >> NSE Credentials. This is part of your initial account setup.

To create an IIN for a new client,  click on the Create IIN button. This is to be used to create IIN for a client that does not have any folio previously with you.

A IIN form will open which will ask for all the required details to create the IIN. Once you enter the PAN, systemwill check for KYC for this client. If KYC is not done, then you will see an option to do Video KYC from this step.

You may add up to 5 banks in an IIN. After you complete this form, submit the Account Opening form and cancelled cheque for all the Bank accounts registered in the folio. 

The Investor will receive a confirmation email from NSE. They have to click on the link and then It takes 1-2 days for the IIN to get Active.